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Our 1955 Chevrolet Nomad was purchased in October 1976.  It was bought as a family project. When, for some unknown reason, the car started to have trouble starting and running, the father and some crew, this includes mom to, began a project that would lead them into an enjoyable and almost never ending experience.  As part by part came off the slowly appearing disaster, much cussing, yelling, and expectable the fighting arose!  This was by no means of normal restoration of an antique car.  The family has learned much more about life than they may have otherwise experienced.

They worked together to solve the never ending problems which were encountered through the journey.  Since automobiles are never cheap, the value of money was now learned and they taught themselves to stretch that hard earned dollar into three or maybe four dollars.  People were met and new in good friends were formed with what they now call "Mom's Mad".  No, she is not seniel and in rubber room, it is just that the experience would be enough to drive anyone crazy. Everyone returned from the journey with a smile, in great spirits, and in a better frame of mind than at the beginning.  This family would not trade the remembrance of that journey for a free ride to heaven, because nothing is better than working for something and experiencing the pleasure.

Devin Tornow
estimated 1979
(The 1st Time around!)

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